Local authorities and Third sector

Local authorities and Third sector

Local authorities

The legal framework of local authorities has been constantly evolving and needs in-depth study. The context for its interpretation is more and more changeable and unclear, that’s why being supported by professional representatives is increasingly important. Nexus offers a qualified support to businesses and local authorities organizing periodical operational meetings and customized training courses to meet individual needs of better understanding, in-depth studying, and smoother functioning. 


    Harmonized accounting – budget – balance – consolidated balance


    Issuing of pay slips – fiscal obligations related to HR management – Consultancy services over the phone, on site or remotely


    Bookkeeping and accounting for commercial activities with VAT numbers – fiscal obligations related to commercial management (VAT and IRAP return) – Consultancy services over the phone, on site or remotely – Delivering written expert assessments

Local authorities and Third sector

Third Sector

Nexus welcomes and gives support to the institutions of the Third sector that are pushed by the pressing need of making the best use of available resources, increasing them, and complying with reporting and accounting obligations envisaged by legislation. Nexus puts itself at theses institutions’ disposal acting with sensitivity and professionalism and offering consultancy services on organizational, legal, accounting, economic and tax matters.
The common aim is to shape a sustainable development path that is customized for each Institution and lets it expand its capacity to meet the users’ needs.
Some of the services we offer are the following:

  • Definition of the organizational and managerial framework

  • Bookkeeping and Accounting

  • Tax Management

  • Drafting of the financial statements

  • Auditing assignments

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