Nexus – Licensed professional venture (LPV)

Chartered accountants with the desire to create a strong multidisciplinary structure to combine diverse and complementary skills and expertise.


By your side for your future

NEXUS was founded based on the will to create a specialised multidisciplinary structure that is able to follow the evolution of your business step-by-step.

News, Events and Webinar

Nexus World

Training sessions, material for in-depth study and news about recent initiatives by Nexus – LPV


Identity and values

Linking highly valuable resources and expertise to accelerate development and progress.

Nexus, to mark the difference


We believe excellence is a habit that requires constant effort and commitment, courage to step out of your comfort zone, perseverance, resilience, and accountability.


We translate today’s endless innovative practices into tomorrow’s success. Innovation is what drives our actions, our way of guiding and implementing today’s projects to deliver tomorrow’s successes.


Passion is the key ingredient that pushes us to follow the projects from the very beginning and throughout all the phases giving our contribution to achieve the best implementation possible for the success of our clients, who are the drivers of real economy.

Nexus People

Nexus Talent

Nexus Talent offers the chance to get a closer look to the multi-faceted business models thanks to customized internship and apprenticeship programs at Nexus or at our clients’ companies.

Our venues

Pavone del Mella

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VAT ID: IT 01611430198
Our venues
  • Cremona (CR)
    Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 44

  • Crema (CR)
    Via Carlo Urbino 17

  • Milano (MI)
    Via Visconti di Modrone 8/10

  • Pavone Mella (BS)
    Via Mentana 5/B

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