Labour and HR

Labour and HR

Labour consultancy area – Labour Study Centre

  • Business procedure management

  • Penalties and litigation resolution of the employment relationship in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings

  • Relationship with Authorities

  • Welfare plans

  • Second level union agreements

  • Mandatory placement

  • Italy-Other country and intra-group secondment

  • Teleworking and Smart Working regulations and management

  • Social buffers

  • Relationship with the industry and the unions

  • Technical experts’ assessments

Labour and HR

HR Consultancy Area

Labour and HR

Payroll processing Area

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  • Cremona (CR)
    Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 44

  • Crema (CR)
    Via Carlo Urbino 17

  • Milano (MI)
    Via Visconti di Modrone 8/10

  • Pavone Mella (BS)
    Via Mentana 5/B

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