Ernesto Quinto

Degree in Economics and Business Administration achieved at Bocconi University (Milan) in 1977
Chartered Accountant since 1983

He offers corporate consultancy services, also dealing with business, tax and corporate assessments for small and medium enterprises, government-owned companies and third sector organizations, for which he has gained long-standing experience.

He has been member of some Auditor Boards of trading companies, and he has served as a statutory auditor of government companies and third sector organizations.

He has worked with the Court of Cremona on insolvency proceedings for which he was appointed insolvency practitioner, judicial commissioner, or liquidator. He has also served as Court-appointed technical consultant in by the same Court of Cremona.   

In the course of his work, he has also served as Member of the Board first, and then President of the Chartered Accountant Professional Organization of Cremona. He has been a member of the Commission of Studies of the National Board of Chartered Accountants (Consiglio Nazionale dei Dottori Commercialisti) and member of the National Disciplinary Board.

He now serves as President of the Association of Professionals of Cremona and President of Fondazione Banca Popolare of Cremona.   


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